Why do Companies launch IPOs?

This is a wonderful opportunity for any company to raise capital either for expansion or for specific purpose such as acquisition, clearing debts, etc. The entire IPO process is regulated by the capital markets regulator i.e. SEBI. Every company appoints lead managers to the issue who manage the entire IPO process. An offer document is released to the investors, which is known as DRHP or draft red herring prospectus. This document contains the entire information about the company such as financials, history, objects of the offer, etc.

Upcoming IPOs

This page helps you check out the upcoming or forthcoming IPOs in India. Some of these companies would have already declared the dates and some of them would have just filed their DRHPs and hence dates for these ipo upcoming is not yet decided. Once they announce the dates, you can view those dates for all the respective upcoming IPOs.

Company Name Issue Type Face Value Issue Price (Rs.) Traded Price (Rs.) Open Date Close Date MinSubscription (Rs.) Lot Size
Company Name Issue Price List Date ltp(BSE) Volume(BSE) ltp(NSE) Volume(NSE)




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