Tax Planning is a holistic term for tax saving or tax management. ‘Tax’ is believed to be one of the most complicated subjects. It is also a great area of concern for most earning individuals. Tax is mandatory because it is a harsh reality that no one likes to share his/her income with the taxman.

There are several products such as ELSS Mutual Funds, PPF, Bonds, etc which can help you minimize your final tax burden. However, what product to pick depends on your current financial status, goals and so on. Tax Planning should never be isolated from Financial Planning.

In line with KARVY’s ambition of emerging as a personal finance advisor, we help you optimize your tax savings and thereby provide assistance with respect to personal income tax planning. This service inter-alia includes the following:

  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of theme based reports on important events like Pre budget expectations, Budget analysis, New Economic survey etc.
  • Personalized assistance in the context of salary structuring
  • Tax free retirement planning
  • Other innovative strategies on tax planning




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